1. How can he turn from hot motherfucker to adorable puppy in a matter of seconds

    if you want I could moan your name..

    you go happy tom

    cause a moustache always change everything right?

    maybe a high five would do

    idk why but i can see it

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  2. photo




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  3. fistshaker:


    BLESS MARVEL, they’ve officially released this in HD

    I think most everyone on my dash could use happy dancing Groot today <3

    here’s a dancing groot for all those suffering this Monday.

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  5. rageofthenerd:


    If you’re a fan of Destiel and smut (who isn’t really?) I highly recommend ‘A Need for Breathing’ by Phyona on AO3. Go read it, love it, and leave Kudos. It was really well written.


    Thank you so much for the rec, love!  I really appreciate it <3 <3

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  6. fetussam:

    I feel so bad for Benedict Cumberbatch. Just because someone’s famous doesn’t mean the paparazzi can stalk and harass them, especially when they’re on holiday. Lot’s of people skinny dip when they go on holiday, and it’s shameful the the paparazzi had the nerve to actually release the photos.

    here are the photos (viewer discretion is advised)

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    your greasy hair shouldn't be attractive but somehow it is

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  10. RIP Robin Williams



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